New Tay Road Bridge Website Gives Users Instant Updates on Restrictions

20th June 2012
by Mike Callachan


MTC are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Tay Road Bridge website. Finding out if the bridge is open, closed or just restricted to certain vehicles has never been so easy and quick.

The brand new website displays clear, up to date information about bridge closures on the home page, as well as the latest news and any upcoming planned restrictions. From information and fantastic old photos of the bridge’s construction and rich history, to information about planned engineering work, to urgent information about emergency restrictions, the new website is the perfect hub of bridge information.

The new website also allows you to register to use the Tay Road Bridge RSS Feed so that you can even receive updates via email or reader on your web browser or phone each time an update is made regarding restrictions or traffic.

“The new web site is just the platform needed to provide relevant and up to date travel information relating to the Tay Road Bridge. MTC Media have produced an excellent site which fulfils our current needs but can also be developed further in the future. The MTC team were excellent to work with and very quickly developed a site that is informative, easy to use and visually pleasing. The inclusion of RSS Feeds will be of great benefit to regular bridge users as will be the mobile version of the site and I look forward to working with MTC on further developments of the site in the future.” -Iain Mackinnon, Bridge Manager, Tay Road Bridge Joint Board

MTC have also developed a mobile version of the website as shown above.