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Subsea, Offshore and Life Support Solutions

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We created a bespoke website for Unique Group, an independently owned global company. Unique Group leads the way in providing engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment and the latest technology for the marine, diving, pipeline and subsea market sectors.

The challenge was to re-design the Unique Group website and migrate all companies within the group under a single domain as a "branded house". The previous Unique Group web presence was spread across several websites, each website was then acting as an independent silo with no central control. Once these were all migrated into the branded house of Unique Group all divisions were now in a position to work together providing a platform for cross-selling and up-sell opportunities. For example, a client who needs an Air Lift Bag may also need Survey Equipment and could simply click into the Survey Division to access the products required instead of being unaware Unique Group also offered this solution and going to a competitor.

Key Requirements

  • Fully Responsive website designed in line with new branding
  • Incorporate content spread across multiple websites and domains into one global website
  • Bespoke CMS Development for management of all webpages at the touch of a button
  • Increase global sales through digital marketing strategy

Marketing Approach

Through analysing historical data using Google Analytics and our Competitor Research Tools we were able to identify areas of the website which were getting a high amount of traffic but not converting to enquiries.

With this in mind mtc came up with a solution to re-design the site by adding clear Calls to Action on every page. We also set out clear and identifiable colour schemes for each division making the customer journey more attractive and focusing on converting those users into enquiries.

Unique Group has benefitted from a massive uplift in enquiries from the new website development and digital marketing strategy we have executed.

Success of this approach

  • The new site has helped rebrand Unique Group online as a trusted subsea, offshore & life support provider
  • An increase of 44% in overall traffic year on year on the website. This has happened through making Unique Group more visible in key geographic territories where they were not visible before
  • Ensuring all the traffic landing on the website is finding exactly what they are searching for
  • By improving user engagement on the website this has resulted in a 60% increase in online enquiries
  • The PPC campaign seen a 200% increase in conversion rate with the new landing pages and a decrease of £45.41 in cost per conversion
  • Keyword quality scores were doubled
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Future Growth

The continuous marketing efforts and development efforts from the team at mtc will ensure Unique Group has massive online growth worldwide!

mtc are very proud of the success achieved so far and with plans to really take things to the next level for Unique Group, we are all excited to see what is to come as part of the projects next phase.