Peter Vardy

The road to success...

We delivered a world class car dealership website for one of Scotland’s best known dealers.

Peter Vardy came to mtc. for a complete overhaul of their site, in line with their new brand and to take their car dealer website to a new level. Our bespoke solution offered the platform for growth for a hugely ambitious company. The site launched is phase one of an exciting journey.

The solution we delivered incorporates no fewer than 18 third party integrations ranging from Autotrader’s search API to delivering online finance examples and quotations via industry leader iVendi.

Key Requirements

  • Fully responsive website designed inline with new branding
  • World class car dealership solution
  • Bespoke CMS Development for management of all webpages at the touch of a button
  • Massively improved customer journey into car stock items.
  • API integrations to deliver a seamless customer journey in selecting and enquiring about a new vehicle
  • Create a completely transparent finance search and allow easy access to associated costs of car ownership
Peter Vardy Screenshot 1
Peter Vardy Screenshot 2
Peter Vardy Screenshot 2

Design Approach

A research phase at the beginning of the project involved identified key audience for the site. The data available was based on typical customers for the various franchises Peter Vardy operate. Key requirements for customer types were also identified using industry research.

Research included a competitor analysis as well as user testing and analytics data from the existing Peter Vardy website.

The key journeys were mapped out and agreed before producing initial wireframes for both desktop and mobile which were turned into interactive prototypes. These were then the basis for extensive user testing over 2 main phases. The first was used to identify major blockers in the user experience, the second was to probe users further on expectations to then adjust the requirements specification.

The design and front end team worked closely to deploy a robust, responsive, front end for the website. This was written in HTML5 and CSS using the LESS preprocessor and our own bespoke CSS framework.

We assessed the usability of each user journey closely through further user testing and our QA procedures, testing on major platforms and browsers through a mix of virtualisation and testing on physical devices.

Peter Vardy Screenshot
Peter Vardy Screenshot
Peter Vardy Screenshot

Heavyweight, bespoke development

With no fewer than 18 integrations as well as innovative features this was a highly bespoke development tailored to delivering a class leading car dealership website

These include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Video & Photo Integrations
  • A/B Testing & Heatmaps
  • Customer Reviews
  • Call Tracking
  • Vehicle Valuation Tools
  • Vehicle Search
  • Time / Weather / Location Sensitive Banners
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Vehicle Finance Tool
  • Vehicle Stock System
  • Management Information & Google Tools
  • Peter Vardy
  • Peter Vardy
  • Peter Vardy
  • Peter Vardy

Long term partnership

For mtc to work with such a forward thinking company as Peter Vardy was dream come true. The first phase of the web development is simply a taster of the exciting developments to come.

The platform delivered is designed to offer huge potential for future growth and we are looking forward to travelling this exciting road with a company that recognises the power of online technology in delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Thank you for the early start this morning and for the months of work on the site.
It looks world class.

Peter Vardy