In a class of its own.

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We created a beautiful showcase for school life with loads of added value for parents pupils and staff.

Strathallan came to mtc looking for a complete redesign of their existing web site. Although the content on the existing web site was useful it simply wasn’t presented well. We created a look and feel that feels very deep, rich and high end with plenty of room for the fantastic photography of Strathallan School life.

A clear structure and careful attention to detail was key to delivering a show stopping website for this world class educational institution.

Key Requirements

  • A redesigned site that reflected the prestige of the school
  • Clear access to key information
  • New interface for the School calendar
  • Rich interactive content


mtc worked closely with Strathallan to create the perfect visual style. This was refined over multiple variations to evolve into the site as it looks and feels today. We worked to simplify the large volume of information and create clear navigational structures.

From this we then began to tackle key functionality within the site, again working carefully to understand the users and stakeholders needs at Strathallan and refine until we had the perfect solution.

Strathallan Strathallan
Homepage Version 1
Homepage Version 5.1

Immersing the user in school life

We created and refined numerous features throughout the site that allowed the user to really understand life at the school. Key among these were

  • A well designed events calendar for parents pupils and teachers alike
  • A fully interactive campus map and dedicated sections for each school house.
  • A rich image and video gallery